brutal shutdown when using opengl in visual c++

Every time I execute an opengl application compiled under visual c++ 6.0 my PC suddenly shutdowns and restart.
I use visual C++ 6.0 under Windows 2000, but it is the first times I try to develop opengl applications ?
Can anybody help ?
Please help because I have no idea of what causes this crash : must I configure something before developping using opengl ? Is it possible there is a restriction on my computer that blocks any attempt to execute some code including opengl libraries ? Is there any known uncompatibility betwenn opengl and MFC ?
I’m really falling into despair because I cannot do anything with opengl at the moment.

I would try to download an opengl program and try to run it. See if it crashes when it tries to run an opengl exe file.

Good site for learning opengl and downloading VC++ code with the exe files:

Thanks for your reply
I already knew this site : it’s a very good one. But my problem happens even with the programs I can download from there.
For example : with the tutorial of the very first lesson (lesson 01), if I try, my PC brutally shutdowns. When I execute the application with an attached debugger, it crashes when I close the app, in the
GLvoid KillGLWindow() function when executing the following line :
if (!wglMakeCurrent(NULL,NULL))

Could you tell me more about the wglMakeCurrent() function to explain me why I crash ?

It is not the only case where an openGL application crashes on my PC. Sometimes it crashes at the very beginning of an application, when opening the openGL window :frowning:

Please help !

Is there any known uncompatibility between openGL and VC++ or MFC versions ?

Thanks to reply


Your problem seems more to be related to a buggy card or drivers, than to MFC incompatibility.
Have you tried downloading latests drivers for you graphic card ? Maybe glsetup may help you find GL drivers.
Did you forgot to plug in the fan alimentation of the card ? And what card do you use ?

a while ago i bought a geforce2 agp but i forgot to get an agp motherboard so i tried it on my dads computer to run quake3, it locked the computer up, but the next day i tried it again after one of his hard disks died, and it worked fine, apparently there was not enough power to run everything, but that is probly not yor reason, but don’t overlook the unexpected.
ps. I might be a bit paranoid, everything breaks on me.