Broken GL

I’ve been playing Savage from and it’s been working fine but everyonce in a while it breaks my GL and then no games that use GL will run. I get this message when running the game “GL_Win32_Init:wglCreateContext() failed” It has done this in the past and I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers for my GF TI4600 card. I have the latest nvidia drivers for my MB chipset. Only fixes i’ve found for it are a complete wipe and reinstall, which I’m trying to avoid, or using the system restore in WinXP, but the restore won’t work on any of the points that I have. So my questions to you are:
What does this error mean?
Is there a easy way to fix whatever file or registry setting got corrupted?
Thanks in advance

nm i fixed it, apparently Matlab 6.5 loads part of it’s self on start up and that causes issues with the OpenGL system. Gotta see if I can find a patch for that. I ended the process in the task manager and it worked fine. Glad it was that simple.