Bounding Box Problems ...


i’ve implemented a BoundingBox collision detecting in my application to check if the mouse cursor collide with an object. In that case i show some informations on the screen.

The collison detection gets the BoundingBox coords from an List where the min and max coords are stored in some vectors. With gluProject i map the coords to 2D screen coords and check them up with the 2D mouse coords.

All works fine. But when i rotate the view on horizontal axis (x-Axis) i get in trouble wich i couldn’t understand (y-Axis rotation works fine too):

The objects move correct in the inverse direction of the mouse movement (mouse up -> objects down). Fine, but the BoundingBox mapping Coords move in the same direction like the mouse (mouse up -> objects down -> BoundingBox up (and vice versa)), why?

Thanks for any help,