Borland5.5 and glut

After succesfuly running many demo opengl programs written with glut, I found I could only compile programs that have only one #include statement. #include <Gl/glut.h> works fine, but if I want to use and include <stdlib.H> for example, I get a compiler error telling me only one instace of overloaded c can be used, or somthing to that effect. Is this a limitation of 5.5, or do I have somthing configured wrong. Basically I can run c programs, I can run Opengl written in glut only, but I cannot mix c libraries with my glut library. Again I appreciate any help on this dilema. Jim M

The number of includes does not matter. The error is not from a limitation but the headers from Borland is little different. The easy fix is to change “if 0” to “if 1” in your glut.h file.