Borland vs Microsoft: pro et contra

I have been using Borland Builder C++ 5.0 for a long time. And I got used to it and I really like it. But from time to time I face with some absolutely unnecessary problems with OpenGL such as: “Compiler does not want to compile some code” or “It will not understand other libraries” etc.

Is there any benefits in using Builder or Visual C++?

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PS: I respect both: Inprise(Borland) and Microsoft.

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I have created OpenGL apps with both compilers. It is less work to use VC++ simply because almost every library is compatible with it. This can be a major asset if you rely upon some of the open source libraries that use OpenGL. You can, with some effort, make almost any library work with the Borland compiler as well (as long as you have access to the source code). A utility called implib (located in the Borland/bin filder) can be used to create Borland caompatible import libraries for some, but not all, DLLs. You can find links to Borland compatible GLUT & GLAUX libraries on my OpenGL page.

I have heard that VC++ apps will execute slightly faster than Borland Apps, but I have not seen any tests that are specific to OpenGL.

My advice is: if you want to rely on open source or commercial libraries to develop OpenGL applications, then switch to VC++. It will save you some time and aggravation (once you learn what C++ standards VC++ does not support). Otherwise, continue with Borland.


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