Borland C++

I was wondering if anyone out there has gotten MSVC++ tutorials (i.e NeHe’s) to work in Borland C++ 5.02
I’m currently using it and i’ve only been able to get GLUT to work which is fine, but there are just no tutorials specifically for GLUT explaining advanced stuff that are compatible with Borland (maybe they are I just suck).

NeHe’s tutorials are mainly pure Win32 so they should work with Borland w/o any problems. What kind of errors are you getting? Maybe we can help you if we see what’s wrong.

I have been using Borland Builder 4.4 for about 9 months, and I have not had any problems with Nehe’s Win32 tutorials. All but the most recent Nehe tutorials have a borland conversion available. I have not had any problems building them, but have had only limited success in converting MSVC++ tutorials to build in borland. Maybe you will have more luck, or you can wait and see if the newer tutorials are converted.

If you have the libraries can you build them at least with the free compiler. Some have the non ANSI for behaviour but the compiler has a switch to handle that. You should also be able to build all the other ports that is running on windows.