borland c++

i got a question (probably a stupid one). i’m trying to use borland c++ 5.02 and i can’t get the glGenTextures function to work. Says it doesn’t exist! Same thing happens with the glBindTexture function. But they work fine on VC++.NET. What’s up with that? please help!!

Are these compile errors or linker errors? Some exact error messages might help…

they’re compiler errors. ‘call to undefined function glGenTextures’ and same thing for glBindTexture.
any clues??

Those look like linker errors. How are you compiling? Are you using a makefile? If so, post it here. You’re not linking with the opengl library.

You need to generate your own opengl32.def and opengl32.lib file from opengl32.dll, using impdef.exe and implib.exe, and then you need to link opengl32.lib to your project. I used to poke around with borland 5.02 myself, until I made the wise decision and switched to Dev-C++, where the licensing gave me overwhelmingly more freedom than 5.02 ever will.