borland c++ builder 5

This is so frustrating but how do i just get something to execute in borland builder 5? I have this little .cpp file that i just wanted to test and i can’t for the life of me get it to run. All this project crap. I’m used to vc++ and earlier versions of borland. Do i have to do anything special to link my cpp to a project or something?

Maybe you could be a bit more specific about what errors you are getting. Do a search on Borland, on this board and I’m sure you’ll come up with info that will help you. You need Borland compatible libraries. And if you are using Glut, you may have to get the Borland version of those libraries and headers as well.

Originally posted by zzapatista:
All this project crap.


That’s why I use Makefiles

I’m used to vc++ and earlier versions of borland.

Same crap, different pile if you ask me

(Sorry… couldn’t resist)

I’m not getting any errors. The compiler just isn’t looking into my cpp file at all when running. I push run and nothing happens. Is there some special thing i have to do in borland to make my roject see the cpp? I can’t even get a damn “Hello world” to work.

Like all C/C++ compilers, it can be ran from prompt. With bcbuilder you can compile exactly all the projects that you compile with vc++, or others. Using the IDE makes you lose the control.
Simply open a command window, set the path variable to the bin directory of c++builder and go where is your source code, the compiler name is bcc32.
You can also use make…

If you want to use the IDE you have to ‘add’ that file to the current ‘project’. I don’t remember how…

ARG! Can anyone who has experience just walk thru the steps to running a cpp? I open it…add it to a project…build it…run it. And nothing happens. This is far too complicated to do something so simple!

When you say you build it, is it actually creating a .exe file? I’ve only used Borland a couple of times at school so I can’t tell you the exact steps to take.

No offense, but if you can’t figure out how to use Borland’s UI, I’d hate to think what kind of problems you’ll have when you actually start doing some serious OpenGL programming.

As for make files, they have their place but a good IDE (like VC++) makes navigating code a hell of a lot easier.

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Something vital seems to be missing from this discussion - The type of project. Builder 5 comes with about a two dozen predefined project types, the most commonly used (I imagine) would be the normal application “RAD style” and the console app. I am guessing your little .cpp file contains code that needs to be executed from a command line interface (ie: using the stdio or declaring your own windows). I would have a hard time believing you wrote a compatible .cpp file for the RAD enabled IDE of Builder if you don’t understand the differences of the different projects.

To setup a console application, simply click “File” and then “New…” and select the console application. Then add your .cpp to the project if you desire, but I would just copy your code into the file builder generates for you as it set to be the default compiled file. Don’t make things harder on yourself than needs be.

Best of luck. Without out too much trouble you should be able to have things running normally in no time at all.