Borland C++ 5.02 and OpenGL

What do I need in the way of libraries or sdk’s or whatever to start coding using Borland’s compiler, oh and what about C++ Builder 4?

The standard Microsoft OpenGL libraries and headers should already be included but if you need stuff like glut do you have to download it. Older compilers sometimes comes with OpenGL 1.0 but the headers and libraries can be updated to 1.1 pretty easy.

Not sure about C++ 5, but for C++Builder 3/4,
everything’s already included. The best way to get started is to download GLUT for Win32: Get the precompiled versions, delete the .LIB fine, create a new .LIB file using the command “LIBIMB glut32.lib glut32.dll”, copy the .h file to the Include\Gl
directory, the .LIB to Lib, and the DLL to \Windows\System.
Then, start a console project(include the VCL), and include <glut.h> to the project: et voila!

Thanks guys.