Has anyone read or seen a book called “Game Programming Gems”? I was thinking about getting it, but I would like to get some opinions first. Thanks in advance.


I hear it’s preaty good because it touches on all the things about 3D programming in general.


I’m reading the book right now. So far it’s really good. I only have two complaints. The first is that they assume you know your math(and obviously i dont.) And the second is they hardly cover reflections, which is something i’ve been trying to figue out for a while now. Other than that the book is great. It has a pretty high price tag but it’s worth it.

And speaking of the math stuff does anyone know a good book or online tutorial for 3D math? Everything i’ve found is still too advanced for me. Thanks

Hey I second that, one more thing is that all the API’s out there expect us to know this stuff… How are the beginner programmers who start at an early age supposed to gain experience??? What do we do, go to college early???


The best book that I have seen is Real-Time Rendering.

This was a suggestion in another post for matrix math i think

How much math do some of ya’lls books expect you to already know? Are you having a problem with vector math or trigonometry or what?

I’ve Picked Up A book recently that I recommend highly.

“Advanced 3D Game Programming Using Direct X7”

ISBN 1-55622-721-3

I know its all in directX, But it does cover all maths required for Reflections, BSP’s, Octree’s, Portals, Shadows etc. It also has detailed code and is bang up to date.

As long as you dont mind looking at direct3d and converting it to openGL, its by far the best book on the subject I’ve seen to date.

Thanks, Rob I’ll have to check that book out, as soon as I get some moolah. I was thinking about gettin’ it cause i downloaded a few of the sample programs from the website and they were pretty cool. I just didn’t get it cause it’s directx

Thanks for the info everybody. Sounds like it’s a good book. Think I’ll buy it. Later.