Are there any good books on OpenGL for intermediate programmers?

I’m looking for something comprehensive (ie: I only want 1 book), but at the same time something written on the reader’s level.


What do you currenty know and what platforms are you interested in?

There are basic OpenGL concepts you need to understand before you advance to more interesting stuff.

The Red Book is generally accepted as the definitive guide for core OpenGL stuff.

You can get a soft copy of this online at the link provided though for the initial version, subsequent revisions cover more advanced and recent additions like multitexture.

OpenGL really has no platform specific interfaces, you need to understand the ‘glue’ that helps bing OpenGL to the operating system you are using.

To pick a single book is really quite tricky.

Maybe the latest version of the OpenGL superbible would suit you:…books&n=507846

Thanks! I have the Superbible.

Are there any books devoted exclusively to 2D graphics?