BMP to AVI equivalent for JPEG


I produced pictures from my OpenGL scene and I make a movie with BMP2AVI a shareware that a lot of you advise me.

I would like to know if an other freeware or shareware exist that do the same with JPEG files…

Thanks a lot

Mat, could you explain me how did you dump those images?


I can explain this to you but I use Java and Java Advance imaging for producing the pictures…

For the OpenGL part, You have to use glReadPixel(x,y,width,height,format,type,pixels[]) function that will read the pixels of the scene and put the result in an array… After you must use this array for producing the pictures… I know how to do it in Java but not in C++… but you can find a lot of examples in the archives of the forum for C++ code.

glReadPixels where:
(x,y) angle inferior left of the area to read
width height the dimsension of the area
format, the element type (GL_RGB, GL_RGBA…)
type the type of data (GL_BYTE,
and pixel a byte array of the pixels read…

the size of this array (for a byte array) will be(widthheightElement type size (3 for RGB 4 for RGBA…))

Now if you work also with Java tell me I will give you the code I used for producing the pictures !!!