BMP loading with GLAUX


i am doing a particle engine. as a guidence i use NeHes tutorial #19. (using delphi)
now, i got my own loader for bmp, but without a alpha-value.
now, lesson#19 shows colors when a texture is loaded and blended/modulated with the correct color. (i assume OpenGL uses GL_MODULATE if there is no texenv given)
the behavior of my program just shows me just a white circle (my texture). is it just, that i am lacking a alpha-value or is there something else to do.


Right this is going to seem dumb but do you enable GL_BLEND and specify a blend function?

Also do you disable GL_DEPTH_TEST or use depthmask?

If not then try the above and we’ll go from there.

no, no, i am doing the blend-enable and depth-disable. the texture itself seems right, but it doesn’t modulate with the color.
also i disable lighting.
is it dependent on the angle how you look onto the scene? but all of my particles - the ones closer to the border of the viewport are also just white.