bmp load

hi all

can someone please give me the code to load a bmp in opengl enviornment. i urgently and earnestly need it. and load all sorts of bmps.
desperately waiting!!! :frowning:

What language are you using?


Choose Lesson 6.

It’s for OpenGL.

dont use the glaux library library handles bmp’s as well as jpg,tga,png etc

i’ll be using OpenGL API in VC++ interface. i’ve looked for the chapter 6 of nehe, but it fails to load a few windows bmp. i dont exactly know why!!!
i am still stuck, heeeeelp!!!

I have some code, but it’s only for 24bpp bitmaps. It also shows how to load BMP into texture objects.
Tell me if you want it anyway.

I’ve got code for 1/4/16/24bpp bmp’s, not using any aux function, but works. Drop me a line…

can i use your method to load bitmaps (not only 24bpp) from resources too ?