Blue screen error on XP pro

okkie i get an error that says this : 0xc0000005 0xe8059231e 0xebfc3b08 0x00000000 : well i mean i looked up the different little ones but why is it doing it … doesnt make much sense. Its always done it . alot of people say its pentium 4 but i doubt that. my system is 512 ddr 400 ram, Radeon 9700 pro, 1 120 gig hard driver, 52x burner, 16 dvd drive, Audigy 2, MSI motherboard,and some please help… its probably somethign with the radeon … silly candians

That message (0xc0000005) usually indicates a hardware failure (in my case, the motherboard L2 cache).

I suggest testing your memory first with a free memory tester. Beyond that, it gets more complex trying to narrow the problem.