Blue Bible 5 edition, Toon shader program charter 6 page 286...

This Toon shader program, (is inside a package) SB5, refer to Cell lighting shader,
and also state

// Incoming for vertex… position and normal

in vec4 vVertex;
in vec3 vNormal;

smooth out float textureCoordinate;

My question is:
I been reading (Blue Bible 5)this in and out variables declaration, shader and vertex part of the program, I can’t find these variable declaration in the code provide in SB5, none
of the charter 6 programs used these in and out variables in the cpp, they run and display like should be, to my knowledge level, where those code are locate it, where I can find it? :confused:

Thanks for your time and patient

If you come around this question, don’t panic is very easy, GLSL is a text old file that, your function can read this as string, that is the reason of the quotation mark in the argument inside the functions (“MoonShader.fp”) or (“MoonShader.vp”) for fragment or vertex programs as example, other idea to consider , is there is not convention for the extension in this files , but you can read it with a text editor all of them