Blitting a window with OpenGL

What pixel format you set on DC? And why?

I’m still not convinced as to why it doesn’t show up on regular screen capture. Does anyone know where does the common OpenGL implementation in Windows draws to? (obviously not the DC, but where) Because I believe that is where DWM captures the screen from, with OpenGL and it composites correctly and if I can figure that out, then there may be a better solution compared to injection.

And I don’t want to modify every user’s opengl dll. This project leads to a system for scientific visualization.

>> What pixel format you set on DC? And why?

is this a trick question? I’m not very good at those… :wink:

No :slight_smile: I’m asking whether you need a special pixel format to write to your DC or what you meant by that. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Nope, just a vanilla pfd.

As for whether you’re missing anything, despite my honorary subtitle of OpenGL Pro, I’m really not qualified to make that determination. :wink:

Turn DWM off and voila :slight_smile:


So that took 2 weeks to figure out.

OK, but I don’t think you need to disable composition to take a screen shot.

You need to if you are going to capture a window DC.

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