Blinking/Flashing Colors

Is there a way to blink or flash colors using OpenGL. i.e a color blinking from red to green.

Thanks in advance and my apologies if this is an obvious question. I only started looking into Opengl yesterday :eek:

assuming you use glColor*() function should be something like this (just a simple example):

 void render_my_stuff()

  // draw your stuff here


in the ModifyColorsFunc() function you just modify the values of red, green and blue variables.
for red to green transition
red=255 green=0 blue=0 (pure red)

red=0 green=255 blue=0 (pure green)

red variable decreses from 255 to 0
green variable increses from 0 to 255

 void ModifyColorsFunc()
  if (red<0) red=0;
  if (green>255) green=255;
  // blue is unchanged in this example

Sorry, What I meant to say was that I have a bunch of symbols displayed on screen, but I want some of the symbols to appear as if they are blinking or flashing…

OpenGL is not VGA text mode. :wink:
Nothing OpenGL can do for you automatically there. Everytime you want to change something in your display you need to draw it the way it should occur. Blinking objects need to be repainted with the colors you want in a timed interval you choose.

you can make something like:


// then goes whatever you are drawing