blending sucks !!help!!

The only metod I know for proper blending is to shut down z-buffer or sort objects to objects in front of the camera and on the back of the scene and start with them…
Is there any other metod that is easyer to implement or better?

Use Aplha.

use alpha? what? of course he’s using alpha. <shakes head>

the answer is: no, there isn’t any other way than to sort objects, because the alpha maths isn’t commutive and you’re trying to model the effect of light seen from the camera outwards.

in the same way that a/b isn’t the same as b/a, colour_1 * alpha + colour_2 * (1-alpha) ISN’T the same as colour_2 * alpha + colour_1 * (1-alpha). so you have to sort.


  1. Draw all “normal” polygons with read/write to the z- buffer.
  2. Draw the “glass” polygons with only reading the z-buffer.

If you do not see through more than one polygon can you skip the sorting.