Blending problems

I’m writing a particle system, and I’m getting some very odd results after blending. The particles look fine using one of my particle lightmaps, but with others, they look banded. It’s hard to describe, so I’m including some screenshots. Thanks for any help!

This one looks fine
This one doesn’t

NOTE: The second one looks fuzzy, but that’s because the particles are meant to be.

Hi !

I donät have a clue, but it does like some kind of aliasing problem.


My guess is mip-mapping. Does GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE help?

I think that your quads for the second screenshot are not large enough… so there is a ‘clear cut’ from the particle color to the background.

With the same texel data centered, try to create a larger texture (be sure that all its edges are rgba 0,0,0,0 ) and draw a larger quad, and it should be enough.

Hope it helps.