Blending or Multitexturing?

Hi All,

I am working on a little project where I use Ortho projection for drawing two overlapping planes.
I use blending so I can see the rear plane through the front plane.
My question is, would multitexturing do the same thing for me and would one technique be faster than the other?

Thanks for any replies,

Multitexture would allow similar results depending on the texture environment you used and the desired effect. It could be just over twice as fast on some hardware and about the same on other hardware. It depends on the hardware design and your software / filters etc.

So if my video card supports multitexturing then it would be twice as fast?

By the way, thanks for the reply dorbie.

No, if your video card supports multitexture in MIGHT be better that twice as fast. It is always going to be at least marginally faster where it is supported, so it’s the right thing to do, but sometimes it might be really significantly faster. There are many reasons for this performance benefit in different parts of the graphics pipeline. As a general rule you should favor multitexture if it suits your purposes even on very different databases.

I could contrive a scenario where it would be a bad idea involving a coarse z buffer on some hardware but that’s probably too much detail and not generally applicable.

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