Blender with OpenGL

I want to design an object in Blender and then export it to OpenGL to use it with QT,
I heard about Python script or ascci format,
but I don’t know how to do that,
so any help in porting Blender objects or surface to OpenGL in apperciated.

I am so sorry for repeating the thread but the browser had disconnect while sending so I pressed submit again, I didn’t notice that.
Again , I am so sorry.

Well OpenGL is a rendering API, you have a data format in Blender. You either load that to an app to draw it or you export it to a digestible format you can load and draw in OpenGL, but there’s no real way to export to OpenGL unless you export in source code form.

Your best route may be to use a high level toolkit (OpenSceneGraph/OpenSG/Coin etc) that sits ontop of OpenGL and is able to load models from Blender.

Blender has various exports routes, or you can use a Phthon script to export to the format of choice.

First of all select file format that can support everything you want to export from Blender. Since I only use Blender to edit geometry so wavefront (.obj) format is perfect for me. It’s an ascii file with very clear format.
Whatever format you choose search for some sample code or library that loads such file and use it in your program.
If you export to 3ds format, then you could try this loader/renderer: