Blender 3DS Export

Hello, maybe this is not OpenGL specific related but I hope someone have experience with this. I used blender( to create a 3d model and the import it with lib3ds. In the blender environment I called the object “ObjectforTest”, then I exported it. At first I have troubles because when I was looking for that mesh, that name didn’t was found. When I use 3dsdump(lib3ds built-in) i found the object “0ObjectforTest” and there it was. What i want to know is what other transformations makes the blender exporter to object’s name.

Uhm, ask on the blender forums? Do you really expect people here to know it? Also, why would you use 3ds format, when there are plenty of easier-to-parse formats?

Well, can you suggest me another format, please!.

What about this?