blcoking clReleaseCommandQueue crashes

I currently used last AMD OpencCL implementation on and intel core quad.

I enqueued some commands in a command queue (buffer read/write/copy, ndrange, …), and I release the command queue used.

clReleaseCommandQueue seems to be blocking and crashes at end of execution…

Is the blocking and crash behaviors understandable ?
Specification seems to say that it should only decrement a reference counter in that case…

Calling clReleaseCommandQueue should never crash as long as you call it only once for any call to clRetain… plus once for the initial creation. E.g., command queues should have a effective user-level retain count of 1 on creation. (They may have extra internal retain counts, but if it crashes when you call it once then there’s a bug in the implementation.)

nVidia implementation works fine : non blocking and no crash.