blank screen

Hello folks!

First of all , please do not get mad with the fact i am asking quite a primitive issue here that you all have encountered and mastered.

How to debug a blank screen when you are supposed to see some output. Is there any opensource debugger in linux that you can point me to ?

I have it quite and i am at a loss to debug it. Some tips and tricks are earnestly requested.


Take a look at this wiki page; the last version of gDEBugger was made available for free (AFAIK then AMD bought it and made it windows only :-/).
Not sure how much those can help with your specific problem though. Other than carefully looking at the matrices for the camera and your objects you could render some large object with a color gradient to find out if perhaps the camera is facing the wrong way; for example make a large quad in the x/z plane and have its color change from red to green along the x axis. If you can get that to show up it should help figuring out where things are in relation to each other.