Black Surface Problems

Hello to everyone. Surfaces appear black when I convert my 3d model to gltf format. Whichever color coating I applied it still looks black and when I use the coating, nothing is visible. No albedo map normal map no metallic map. everything looks black. I inverted the mesh triangles but was unsuccessful. How could there be a problem with my model. Can you help with this topic.

My file: h t t p s ://w w w

Inspecting this model in the VS Code glTF addon, the glTF contains black vertex colors almost everywhere, which is the source of the problem. It looks like the model was converted with, so you may need to report an issue there. Not sure if the problem is in reading the FBX or writing the glTF…

If I try converting it with FBX2glTF instead, everything looks OK. Or at least, it looks the same as what I see in the Autodesk FBX Review program for the original FBX. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I solved the problem. The source of the problem is that it is processing according to vertex color while reading the GLTF format mesh. The color of the vertex color is the material color. I made the vertex color white, the problem was fixed.