Black screen using Print Screen

Hello, everybodey!

I’m using Windows 7 with nvidia video card.
Recently I had to make ingame screen, whitch i did by using Print Screen. After I quit the game, i checked my screen, it was fully black! I tried it many times, nothing changed.
I have tried it on Windows XP, there it was normal, like i wanted. The same problem I had on Windows VISTA.
When i tried to take a screen of my desctop, there were no black screens.
By using Windows 7 / VISTA and other video cards, it was fine, with no black screens.
I tried to install newest versions of nvidia drivers, didn’t help.
I asked for many windows 7 / VISTA users, they had the same problem.
As I had no more ideas, i decided to ask for help on NVIDIA forum.

Maybe someone else had this type of problem?

EDIT: This problem was only on opengl. For software or D3D was OK.

I had a nvidia card until last month on vista, and I’ve taken several screen shots of OpenGL applications without problem. Did this happen only recently, or has the problem been there for a long time? If it only happened recently, and it happens to more than one application, I suggest you send a bug report to nvidia.

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