Black Screen on Windows 2000.


I use a third-party libraray to develop a MFC MDI application, that library use OpenGL as rendering intensively.

In my app using that library( and the samples that shipped with that library), when one open two documents(i.e. two OpenGL windows) and maximize them, and close one, the left is black screen! And usually overlapping window will cause black screen.

Some people who have used that library told me this is the problem of Microsoft Implmentation of OpenGL. But I have compiled another MFC OpenGL MDI application(downloaded from codeproject), it runs very well. (Assume we couldn’t call any glXX to do rendering in both cases, just call wglXX to do initialization. the problem still exists for that library while not for that application from CodeProject).

So I can assure this problem is that 3rd-party library doesn’t correct mix wgl and GDI calling. But I don’t know the correct reason and don’t know how to debug and troubleshooting it. Any suggesion will be highly appreciated.


Does the 3rd party controls handle correctly the makecurrent calls ??
Maybe while closing the first window it doesn’t activate the remaining context.