Black screen on startup //GLW_StartOpenGL() Hell & Q3//HAHAHAHAHA

Note: I’m running win98 with a Creative Banshee. I needed OpenGLSetup to install Quake 3. If by any chance this would work with other configs/games, please post it.

It seems that there is something wrong with the standard Banshee driver and the one provided by OpenGLSetup.
In fact it is like if NO DRIVER at all were installed by OpenGLSetup.
As a result you keep your old driver that messes up with OpenGL and cause a black screen on startup.

Now, by following the procedure below I fixed:

  • black screen on startup after intalling OpenGLSetup.

  • GLW_StartOpenGL() hell when starting Q3.

  1. install the default driver (standard VGA)you can find into the list given during the usual hardware installation procedure --RESTART

  2. install the latest version of OpenGLSetup – RESTART

  3. install the latest driver for the Banshee card provided by --RESTART

  4. configure the whole thing.

Now let’s go phragging a bit, will you?