Black Screen of Death!! running GeForce4

Any help would be appreciated.

I recently bought a GeForce4 Ti 4600 and am running it on an AMD Thunderbird 800Mhz.

I am getting a black screen lock up on various 3D accelerated games either before the splash screen comes on or between cutscenes and the game itself.

It doesn’t happen EVERY time, but happens enough for me to consider it a problem.

Is this an OpenGL problem? has anyone else experienced this? What’s the fix?


That’s nasty. Problems that occur randomly suggest you have a hardware related problem. Could be electrical (not enough power for the AGP port) or power fluctuation where you are or even the GPU or CPU is overheating sometimes.

How were things with your old card?


My old card was a Radeon DDR 32 MB. Seemed fine. Didn’t have the black screen problems.

Microsoft’s website said the black screen will happen if the color depth is set too deep…I had it on 32 bit color and changed it to 16 bit.

I can now play the games that had a problem. That’s great and all…but I bought an expensive card to show as many colors as possible. I don’t want to setttle for 16 bit.

Do you think it has anything to do with my monitor? It does have the ability to display 32 bit at a max resolution of 1600X1200.

Any help would be awesome.


Nope, monitor doesnt care.

Weird solution. What was the page on the MS site?


A couple thoughts…

Did you uninstall the old ATI drivers? That shouldn’t matter, but you never know…

Are you overclocking anything?

Did you install the drivers from the supplied CD? I’d advise against that, they’re never up to date.

Not much else I can think of…