black object?

I wrote program that displays (on my computer) blue background color and black object.
The same program displays (on my friends computer) blue background color and textured object.
Program is writen to display blue background and textured object.
What is wrong?
most of my projects working, but this dont.
all directorys are set properly.
if i compile it it dont work(on my computer),if he compile it it dont work.(on my computer)
i think the problem is in dlls.

The problem is most likely a missing texture file.
The image is resident on your friend’s machine but not yours.

Run the program under a debugger and ensure the image is being loaded.

I have model and texture, and without texture object is not black in every color.

I meen it is not black when i set color to not black.

Can you post your code?

that is engine with more than 200kb of text split in 15 files…
if you want i can.

By all means, post a link to your source. I’m sure someone will get around to debugging your app for you…