Bitmaps!!! please help!!

hi all!!
I have to do a program that will open a bitmap .bmp file, load into memory and read each pixel from memory showing its position and color value and compare with another pixel say in the next position in the array and output the brighter colour pixel into another .bmp file which must be created by the program as well! Do you think OpenGL has any facilities to do that??
Please help! if you have any code examples please send it to my my mail box: Thank you very much for any help!!!

Do you think OpenGL has any facilities to do that??

Not at all.

Actually, if you want to load a BMP in an OpenGL program, you have to read the RGB data from the file into a buffer not to forget to swap the R an B components, then you can use it as say a texture.

This looks a lot like the first part of what you have to do, but there is no function in OpenGL to do that.

Fortunately for those who don’t want to write their own loading routines, there are libraries to do that (e.g. OpenIL). Don’t know though if you can use one of these for your project.

For the rest of your project, I can’t think of anything in OpenGL that could help you (but OpenGL is not really designed for the kind of things you’re trying to do, it’s for real time 3D graphics).

PS: if it’s just to read uncompressed BMP files, you can write your own loading function. It’s not very difficult.

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