bitmap to represent 2d terrain?

I’m trying to create a 2D terrain (cross slice) that is deformable (think the Worm game series). I’m not sure about the “correct” way to go about this. I think my 2 options are use a 2d array to represent the terrain (like a bitmap), or to create the terrain as a complex polygon. What are peoples thoughts on this? Does anyone know of any articles that talk about this at all? A big thing for me is to be able to make the terrain deformable making the bitmap approach seem a lot better. However it doesn’t seem that efficient to store it as a bitmap (a complex polygon gives you less data with the same output, but deforming is a lot harder).

So I’m leaning towards the 2d array idea… How about you?

You mean you want to redo the excellent and open source Scorched 3D ?