Bitmap & Primitives together make lot of problem

Resending becoz I did not get an answer in Beginners forum!!!

I have a problem!!!
I am displaying a Bitmap using glDrawPixel.
When the window is resized, I am taking care of bitmap aspect ratio by adjusting the zoom factor for glPixelZoom();

I am drawing circles over specified points on the bitmap.Now if window is resized, the circles are not over the specified points.

Now… What should i do for maintaining the circles over the specified point on window resizing.

p.s. What i understand is when window resizes, I adjust the clip volume and viewport. so the new positions for circles are calculated by OpenGl.These points does not match with bitmap points.

Any solution or workaround. I need it badly.

If you manipulate viewport rather than using glPixelZoom(), you can make better program.
In other word, when the window is resized, you can get the new client size with WM_SIZE message, and using them you can set viewport size properly.