bitmap file(windows-Linux)

I’ve got the bitmap file in linux thru glDrawPixels(),i got the image but not the colors exactly what it was there in Windows…Its showing the gray shadow over it…
my main aim is to process the image ,getting the image data like COLORS as we do in Dos based ‘C’-Graphics(getpixel,putpixel(-,-,BLACK)etc…I want this data to be in the form of Opengl so that I can have same pixel values as ‘C Graphics’…as we get the values, say variable of the pixel value is :-*pixel and we’re storing the values as pixel=255(means pure white on 256 colors,or pixel=0 as BLACK)
so how to get the same value in opengl…
pls send me reply soon

Hi Saurabh,
i am having the same problem as of urs.

i am using bmp as a texture. i am binding it to a quad.
i want to use this as a background, above which i want to draw some diagrams or objects.
but the color of entire texture is getting changed to the color of the object i draw on it.

if u get any good replies pls do mail me also.

by the way ur problem seems to be that ur BMP’s size is not the power of 2.
it should be either

hope it helps.

by the way r u from Bangalore , if so u r from which college?