Bitmap as texture

Hi! Can someone help me, please?

I have to display many textures side by side to form a big image, but the result isn’t good. In the edge of each texture appears a shadow. How can I eliminate it?


Looks like a job for texture borders.
Lucky you, that’s in the red book :…_RESTART_N%25#X

thank you Moz, but I can’t access this site.

That is due to bilinear interpolation at the edges of the texture. An easy way of making a fix is to shrink the texture 1 pixel in every 4 directions and duplicate any pixel at the outer rectangle. Then don’t give tex coords from the edges but give them moved 1 pixel diagonaly to the opposing corner.

Thanks, folks

I’ve changed de last parameter of glTexParameteri from GL_LINEAR to GL_NEAREST and it worked.


Thank you, again