Bindable uniform of sampler2DArray?

I am just praticing some new extensions of my GeForce 8.

So during my experients, I tryed to use bindable uniform and sampler2DArray together… I get two OpenGL errors on the fellowing lines:
const int ArraySamplerSize = glGetUniformBufferSizeEXT(program->GetName(), uniformTextureArray);

glUniformBufferEXT(program->GetName(), uniformTextureArray, uniformArraySamplerBufferObject);

Is it possible to use sampler2DArray with bindable uniform? I’m not sure this is useful, just wondering if it should work or not.

That are 2 completely different things. The sampler2DArray is similar to a 3d texture and the bindable uniform like a 1D array.
Or did you try to set the sampler uniform variable with a bindable uniform (TMU)? That won’t be usefully. (And the TMU numbers are only a artifact of the opengl state machine)

Sorry, I was thinking about the sampler not the content.