Bind video texture to opengl primitive

Hello everybody,
I am currently working on a bomberman project and I am writing the menu(educational). I have been looking for a week now on how to bind a video to a opengl 3d model in this case a simple plane, so I have found a couple of libraries (ex : vlc) but it only works with the SDL library and I am not allowed to use anything else other than opengl. I am running out of ideas could you give me a couple hints or leads to help me out here.

Thanks everybody :slight_smile: !

OpenGL doesn’t handle video. If you have the output of video decompression, you can pass that image to OpenGL as a texture. But that’s about it.

So you will need some kind of library to get the image at a particular time from a video.

Thank you for answering.
Yes, that is what I figured otherwise I would have probably found some tutorial on it otherwise.
Do you have any particular library in mind?
I was thinking opencv.

Thanks again.

FFMPEG is a good library for to handle video streams

You can find good tutorials here

You can find a method for to map FFMPEG’s video pictures into an OpenGL
texture here

Thank you The Little Body, I used the opencv library which worked perfectly on ubuntu but for some mystical reason did not work on fedora 13. Well its weird so I will try the FFMPEG library.

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

Btw, the problem with the fedora 13 was an issue with the GStreamer plugin.

And me too, I have problems with FFMPEG update on my Fedora 14 box … :frowning:
(this is a mix between ffmpeg[-something]-0.6.3-1.fc14 and ffmpeg[-something]-0.6-4.20100704svn.fc14)

=> so I have manually installed ffmpeg-0.7-rc1 …

==> on other side, the Fedora “Mise à jour des logiciels” say always that it have dependances problems … :frowning:
(but no problem because the 0.7-rc1 work very well for me :slight_smile: )