Bilboarding whaddahell? need help.

I cant get glAlphaFunc() to work.

I use *.TGA 32bpp texture with an alpha channel. Alpha bits are written correctly (checked with debugger)
But it looks like every fragment is processed like it’s alpha == 1.0

[ul][li]- mode is RGBA[/li]- alpha test IS performed

  • glAlphaFunc(GL_EQUAL, 1.0) draws everything
  • (GL_LESS, 1.0) draws nothing.[/ul]

I wonder what might go wrong?

Do you upload the texture as RGBA(8)?
what kind of texture environment mode?

Yeah… I found out. thanx.
one more thing:
Remember, boys & girls, dont go easy, always use the code you’ve written yourselves, because someone else’s code contains dangerous bugs and can be hazardous to your health.