bezier curves

I’m trying to draw bezier curves to contour patients heads. I’m using the visual basic 2005 with Tao Framework and when i searched google i found several pages on this topic, but never managed to make them work. The best one i found was
but could not use glMap1f, since the last parameter is a pointer to the first element in the array.
Can anyone tell me how to draw bezier curves using vb2005?

My thanks in advanced

I don’t know much about vb but in C# you’ll need to pin the array.

GCHandle p=GCHandle.Alloc(points, GCHandleType.Pinned);
  glMap1f(target, u1, u2, stride, order, p.AddrOfPinnedObject());

As vb is a managed language, the code should (after translation to vb, of course) do the trick.

belive it or not, you saved my job. Great Thanks!!!