Beyond Virtual Game Engine Supports OpenGL

Hey has anyone here seen Beyond Virtual?

Beyond Virtual provides a low cost, royalty free, no programming required game creation experience. The powerful toolset lets you fully develop and publish your own video game.
Beyond Virtual contains a full 3d renderer, physics system, and custom art pipeline which allows users to directly import models from Lightwave, Maya, 3ds Max, Milkshape 3d, and other art programs. Take further control of your development with the real-time Object Viewer, and custom FX Editor.

The $150 royalty-free license fee includes:
Integrated Game Editor
Access to Developer Site
Sample Models & Scripts
Bug Fixes and Documentation

Ideal For:
3d Games in Any Genre
Visualization / Virtual Walkthroughs
Machinima Movie Production
Serious Games

Check out the website at or check out what current users of Beyond Virtual are saying in the forums