Best way to minimize multitexture overhead

What would you say the best way to minimize multitexturing overheads? ie techniques etc.

At the moment, I am using glActiveTextureARB, or glActiveTexture if ARB is not supported.

In what sense : function call or rendering?

For function call, tex unit 0 can use glTexCoord instead of glMultiTexCoord.

As for rendering, it depends on how you set u your combiners, the texture dimensions, …
If you textures will be static, it is better to using monotexturing and pre-combining your textures together in software.

Specifically, what is your problem?

PS: you need the ARB extension only in 1.1, not after.


There wasn’t really a problem, I just wanted to know if there was some techniques to give extra performance to multitexturing. For both function calling and Rendering.

Thanks for the info, I didn’t realise that about the ARB bit.

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further info on the ARB thingee

should should try to use glActiveTexture instead of glActiveTextureARB in your code.
it is now part of opengl + doesnt need the ARB thing on the end. there is further no difference between the two its just for asetic(sp) reasons
another example glDrawElements used to be called glDrawElementsEXT (u can still use both in your code + it will compile etc) but most ppl have droped the EXT off the end now