best way of joining textures together

im talking about the ugly joins u get when u have 2 textures sitting side by side, with any other texturefiltering method than GL_NEAREST

ok methods to solve it are
A/ texture borders, yuck + not supported in all hardware
B/ shifting the texture coordinates in a bit, ie creating your own border inside the texture

any others?

What about overlapping textured polys and alpha-blending?

Alpha blending is good, and borders are OK (unless you go very anisotropic). The last hardware that doesn’t support borders was the GeForce 2.

Borders you do on your own (by insetting the texture) are universally supported, and might run faster on some hardware, too.

thanks, v-man also mentioned something else i never thought of, keeping the filtering at NEAREST and doing a 4pixel average in the fragment shader (not 100%sure if this is gonna work i might have to offset the texture abit)
any ways ill see how it goes