Best Way for LOD, destructable voxel Terrain


I am currently working on a really simple voxel Terrain based on MC algorithm. I am in the conceptual phase of how to best implement LOD and generally came to the conclusion that GeoMipMaps would be an easy way of doing it.

After thinking a little more though, I came to the conclusion that in terms I wanted to update a few GridPoints to deform the Terrain I would also have to update and recompute the Grids for the Different LOD states which would not be a good option for realtime I guess.

I also read a little bit about ROAM but didn’t really hear to many good things about it.

So my question is pretty general:
What would be a good option to get LOD in a Voxel Terrain that should be updated in realtime at some parts?

I think you would find the Transvoxel Algorithm interesting. It was designed specifically for stitching together voxel terrain geomipmaps quickly and robustly.

When I wrote Plastic Wreckoning, basically Minecraft before Minecraft, I split the tile grid into cells and mipmapped each one - solid blocks taking priority over transparent, transparent taking priority over invisible. Worked quite nicely and didn’t interrupt gameplay on an Eee 701 when running in a background thread.

oh now stop - you had me at plastic wreckoning. WTF?

College project. Nothing serious, a turn based strategy based on sentient toys left behind in the world when humans depart battling for eternity. A crossing of Minecraft, Hogs of War and Lego. It was never finished but largely worked. Just needed more than one person developing it :stuck_out_tongue: