Best Resource to Move To Shaders

Hey, I’ve been developing with OpenGL fixed function pipeline for the past year, but want to move onto programmable shaders and more modern OpenGL implementations. (A lot of my work has been in OpenGL ES 1.1) Do you guys have recommendations for resources to make this transition? I’m an experienced programmer, but not sure where to start with GLSL and specific differences I need to know between the APIs.

The orange book comes to mind.

I think you first have to decide upon a particular GL version you are targeting, then decide if you want core or compatibility profiles. For an increamental step, you could go with compatibility profile as much of what you already have will work. Or you could make a clean break of your source and go with core GL 3.3/4.x instead.

I don’t have a problem re-writing my rendering engine if I can do it the right way going forward.