Best OpenGL Graphic Card for Win2K?!

Hi there,
I’m about to buy a new graphic card for my system:
amd athlon 700 MHZ
256 ram
and a LOT of diskspace since I’m doing video editing and special fx. Mostly I’m using discreets combustion v.2( and adobes premiere. Combustion fully supports and even requires OpenGL graphics boards. So now I want to know from the pros: what card gives the best opengl support/performance under Win2k?
I was thinking about an Radeon 8500 or Geforce 3. None of the super high priced boards.
thanx in advance.

There will be differing opinions on this, for sure. I’m not sure what combustion is going to like better, you’re probably better off asking for advice from a users forum for combustion.

However, the Radeon8500 (the card I corrently use and love) supports more advanced features than the Geforce3, and even the Geforce4. It does tend to lag a little behind in frame rate (from the benchmarks I’ve seen), but to me this is a trivial issue when you’re dealing with 80+ frames/sec.

If you want raw muscle, go for the Geforce. If you want more advanced features (and in my and others opinions, better image quality) go for the Radeon 8500.

My .02 cents, hope it helps.

thanx for your input!