best opengl book?

What is the absolute best OpenGL book to learn the OpenGL graphics API for Windows machines?

Is it the OpenGL SuperBible? or the “Red Book?” or one that I am forgetting.


They both are ok, I prefer the redBook as a matter of choice

i have read superbible first, and then in redbook i found out that they nearly dont differ … so use the redbook, its free downloadable …

I have the OpenGL superbible, and I love it.
The only thing with DL’ing a book is that you don’t get a cd with it.

superbible, i have the cd … and i dont like to pay 50$ for a book, when i can download for free nearly the same …

Yes well, you are luckily paying in $ and not in R which comes up to R500.00 more or less. Big hole in the pocket. But I think a lot of effort was put into the book, and I’m happy to pay for it. It’s money well deserved. Just my personal opinion.

I hate switching beetween electronic book reading/compiler use…

a book is made to be read on your knees, not on a computer screen.