Best OpenGl book/ebook for c++ on Mac OSX (xcode)

Alright I’m finishing up my c++ book and I’m looking to get into graphics so what would be the best OpenGL book for use with c++ on mac.

GL is platform agnostic so once you have the basics of your OS down, the rest is all the same:

Is a good start. It’s a bit out dated (somewhat) but a great learning tool. There are newer editions which cover all the new features that you can buy from Amazon if necessary. I’m pretty sure GLUT is available for OSX or, failing that, using SDL is another option:

OpenGL Tutorial 1: Creating a cross platform OpenGL 3.2 context in SDL

One key difference I think is that on the mac you need to include <OpenGL/gl.h> rather than <GL/gl.h>

Use Apple’s SDK, really, they have sample code etc. and fantastic OpenGL support. Augment this with generic OpenGL books because it really is cross platform. The online Red Book is getting old, modern Macs support shaders very well and you want to be using this technology.

Don’t use SDL unless portability is your overriding priority.

^Dorbie, any reason we shouldnt use SDL? I just thought it made it simpler not having to deal with all the messy windows stuff, even if cross-platform was not a concern.