Best open gl book to start with


What books do any of you recommend to start with to learn open gl programming? I can already program c/c++ but would like to learn open gl.

Thanks for any help.

OpenGL Game Programming
by Kevin Hawkins and Dave Astle

US $59.99

ISBN 0-7615-3330-3

OpenGL Programming Guide 3rd Edition (unless they have a fourth or fifth then go with them). Only problem is that it only covers OpenGL through v1.2 - not sure how well other books cover newer extensions. ALso, OpenGL Reference Manual 3rd Edition. Again, only covers through v1.2 - if there are newer of these, they are great.

After learning the basics, you’ll have to read specs in the extension registry for newer functionality added on to OpenGL which can be found here . Another good source of documentation which can be found here which covers through v1.4 at this time. You’ll also want to check out tutorials which can be found on various websites with a list here .


“OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL”


“OpenGL Reference Manual: The Official Reference Document to OpenGL”

Pick them both up for about a hundred bucks.

If you don’t need the newest version of the books you can also look for online books on OpenGL that cover v1.0 or 1.1.

Look in the coding section on or you can also check out this:

A search on google for “OpenGL Redbook” or similar is a good idea