Best nVidia drivers in terms of correctness (not speed)?

I’ve used OpenGL as a hobbyist and gamer for quite some time, but now I’m lucky enough to be using it for a living.

My company’s machines are a range of nVidia cards, from TNT2 M64s, to GeForce4s. The application that I’m ‘fixing’ should hopefully run correctly on all of these cards. Lots of machines are running archaic DoD-related software, and aren’t top of the line.

I’d like to know what nVidia drivers are considered the most stable/correct in terms of OpenGL functionality, and I’m not really concerned with speed. The application currently doesn’t use much in the way of high-performance extensions, and is (sigh) mostly immediate mode.

Eventually, I hope to make use of vertex arrays and the like, but getting this thing fixed and improved in terms of usability is my priority.

EDIT: The application can be thought of as similar to a CAD viewer, coupled with pretty detailed physical analysis of the rendered stuff.

I suppose getting Quadro cards is the one way to go, but buying more hardware really isn’t the solution the boss is looking for.

So, if anyone has specific recommendations for driver/card pairings, or even what drivers to avoid, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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I’d recommend just using the latest WHQL drivers from NVIDIA’s web site. I haven’t run across any bugs in their core OpenGL functions in about two years.

The bleeding edge extensions are a different story, but you don’t sound like you care much about those.